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I'll take the great chance to become part of the whatstrend blogger comnunity and this post is the reason why I should be the "new kid".

SinceI’ve been working as a personal stylist/shopper and freelance journalist,fashion became my passion and a matter pretty close to my heart!

So I should be the next whatstrendblogger, because this style breaks your heart!

Ihad the great chance to do an interview with one of the coolest new bandsever: The Heartbreaks; four young and cool guys who are about to be the nextbig thing! They just released their first album “Funtimes” and on their lasttour, they supported the one and only Morrissey on tour and I met them in Berlin before their brilliant gig. This is where we metand chatted a bit about music, their hometown Morecambe and style. Ilove their mixture of classics styles and vintage stuff. It’s real and uniqueand it shows personality and individualism. It’s not about fashion, it’s aboutstyle! The Heartbreaks come from the seedy seaside placeMorecambe in the northwest of England and just moved to Manchester right intime for their break through. The Heartbreaks are Matthew Whitehouse (voc/guit),Joseph Kondras (dr), Ryan Wallace (guit/ voc) and Chris “Deaks” Deakin (bs/voc). 

This is what they said about fashion and style.

How improtant is fashion in music?
MW: Fashion isnot important at all, what counts is style. Fashion comes and goes and it mustbe awful to be part of that business. Style on the other hand is something youhave or not. Nothing you can learn or buy! Fortunately we belong to the lucky ones who have it!

How wouldyou describe your personal style?
CD: It’s a mixture of all kinds of British youthcultures. And they got their influences from American music and style.
CD: No! Teddyboys,Rockabillys, Mods, Skinheads, a mixture of all these styles and of all theclothes we were given because we couldn’t afford them actually. 
Yourecently did a collaboration with the British online shop asos. How did that happen?
JK: We needed the money! We had to pay bills and rentand the only thing I’ve been eating for three weeks was mayonnaise. I waspretty much starving! Many people criticized us for doing this campaign but wemainly did it for the clothes and the money. We gave most of the stuff to ourfriends.
What areyour favorite labels?
MW: Fred Perry, Brutus, Aertex and Burberry are prettycool. Levi’s Jeans and all the classics.
JK: And you combine these with some nice shoes fromthe charity shop! 

Who wouldyou call one of your style icons?
CD: Echo and the Bunnymen looked pretty cool back inthe 80s and Johnny Marr in 1983 on „Top of the Pops”, Carl Barat, Paul Weller duringhis time with “The Style Council” especially on the cover of „Café Bleu“.

Thanks to The Heartbreaks for this interview!

You needmore reasons why I should become the new whatstrend blogger?
To quoteThe Heartbreaks: “what counts is style”; especially personal style. Fashion andtrends are amazing, they are fun and I absolutely love to work with them butthey only get heart when they’re combined with personality and individual andcreative style. New trends and vintage stuff from the flea market or charityshop make a great couple and I try to add a personal note to every outfit withlittle accessories or jewelry just to  make it a bit more “Anna”. .. I love to write about fashion, I'm addicted to magazines, blogs, books and anything else about style. I try to keep my style casual and unique but also follow the new stuff. And most important: I ♥ style!
So, keep your fingers crossed for me...

Cheers, Anna ♥

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